Thursday, March 19, 2009

The RAHMAN Prophecy

So, this March, The RAHMAN Prophecy will prove its truth.For Malaysian, some of us know what is this prophecy all about.But for those who don't know , it is a prediction of who is going to be next Prime Minister of Malaysia.It was triggered by the 1st Prime Minister's name ,Tuanku Abdul Rahman and then lead to the mysterious legacy that no one can explained.All the previous Prime Minister's successors had the 1st letter in their name that connected the word R.A.H.M.A.N.

1)Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (1st Prime Minister 1957 - 1971)

2)Tun Abdul Razak (2nd Prime Minister 1971 - 1976)

3)Tun Hussein Onn (3rd Prime Minister 1976 - 1981)

4)Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed (4th Prime Minister 1981 - 2003)

5)Datuk Seri Haji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (5th Prime Minister -Current-2003 - 2009)

6)Dato Seri Najib Abdul Razak (6th Prime Minister -Designate-2009 - )

So, since we know who is in the last letter, can we predict the next PM after Najib?I met some people who said, the prophecy is now completed and 'case is closed'.Yet, some creative people do think that the prophecy is not yet finished its cycle.From the last 'N' , the prophecy will then continue backwards which is A.M.H.A.R.

And other creative people prophecize that a new prophecy will arise : N.A.J.I.B.

I don't know how accurate is the NAMHAR or NAJIB prophecy because it only started (yet!) with the letter 'N' but both have one interesting similarity . Both prophecies have the 2nd letter of 'A'.

So, your guess? who will be in the next letter 'A'?

Anwar Ibrahim ,perhaps? well,who know.Maybe..

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