Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hierarchy Of Seats Theory

I received a chained email from a good friend of mine today and it reminds me of my own experience riding in Rapid KL Buses , the LRTs and also the good ol' KTM Komuter train. So, here goes:..

Salam & Hello friends,

I snaped this photo on Monday 6th April 6.30pm, in Komuter from KL
Central. It's happen I had to take Komuter on that day. I think this is my 3rd or4th time ride in Komuter.

Obviously you can see a lady carrying her kid ,STANDING nearby the main door. Her kid is sleeping. And please have a good look at those 4 ladies..sitting and pretending they didn't see the
mother with baby!
The woman in brown baju kurung is sleeping (I can forgive her la...after
few stations only she woke up..) the girl in long hair just sit there
busy SMSing, the lady in headphone finally offered her seat only after 15-20
minutes (or maybe after she realised I took their photo). And paling
sakit hati...the lady in red t-shirt just buat2 tak tau..or pretending she
see the mother with baby..after the lady in blue T offered her seat, the
lady in red shirt looks relief and try to give manja look at the
sleeping baby.
This thing happen because WE allow it to happen.
For those who never/seldom ride in Komuter, LRT, or other public
transport..this is real. Be grateful that you are not one of them who
have to use public transport. Even looking at it make you feel sad and mad.
For those who are using public transport..don' t allow this to happen.
Make effort to offer your seat or to ask people who is sitting (if they
are fit!) to offer their seat.

Be a better Malaysian!

This is not the 1st time. I saw alot of young and fit Malaysian (especially KLites!) are so reluctant to offer their seats to those in need especially pregnant moms and senior citizens. They're so protective over their seat and it's like having a gold plate sticking to their big golden butt.So, they must ensure their butts are safe.

I was a frequent commuters before and I formulated a simple theory for this and i called it as K-E 's Hierarchy of Seat Theory. In my theory, seats in public transportations is like an organizational chart or even like a food-chain. The top of the list are the priority to sit, and guess who are supposed to be the last to be seated?

1) Pregnant Moms
2) The Disabled
3)The Senior Citizens-Female
4) The Senior Citizens- Male
5) Woman with little-children (like the picture above)
6) Young Woman and ladies.

and finally, the last species to have their seats are:...

7) Young Men,Boys or guys...
..who are supposed to be fit and the strongest among all. Who can endure the pain and the agony of standing in a long journey. Who feel honoured to give what he have (e.g the seat) to those in the list above and proudly said, " ..It's ok, I am a man.."

Anyway, it is the appropriate time to apply our MALE EGO at the right place and to the right people. The honourable feeling is there for you to celebrate,just because you gave your seat to an elderly woman. Trust me. I've been there and done that!!

You still don't understand the Hierarchy of Seats Theory? Just simply look for a pictorial signage in LRTs or Komuter Train which said ,"..Please Give Seat to: Pregnant Mothers, The Disabled and The Elderly.."
Get it?..It is so simple and not a Rocket Science at all.

So, no one ask us to be an angel or a saint . Just being nice and courteous to our own community is already enough.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Be Smarter with Malaysian Taxis (edited)

A las,I found a really usefull 'guide' for Malaysian taxi users.Im not an ardent fan of KL Cab but we cannot avoid to use them during 'emergency time' and since KL is not a well-equipped-linked city that have other alternatives for public transports,i guess the best way is to be smart with these bloody cabs.

Be Smarter with Malaysian Taxis (edited)
Posted by Mlle Linie ( taken from Mindful Trinkets)

Before I had my MyVi, I took public transport to work. Being in public practice, it was a great hassle to me, considering that my clients are everywhere from Cyberjaya to KLCC. Late working nights didn't help me either.

After two years of taking taxis to head home, I learnt a few things about Malaysian Taxis (especially KL ones).

Lesson 1: Some taxis cheat the meters
If the taxi driver press the aircond button: from on to off and on again, he/she is accelerating the meter. Some pressed the radio buttons the same way.

The buttons are linked to meter accelerators, usually located underneath the dashboard (if you are (un)lucky to see one). If you caught them using accelerators, it's your call to take the cab or not.

Lesson 2: Some taxis are cut throats
Never take idle taxis in front of KLCC bus stop. Always hail for those who are actually dropping customers. The touting ones will charge you RM10 from KLCC to Bukit Bintang. Worse still RM30 from KL to Damansara (metered fare is usually around RM15-RM17).

Foreigners get this treatment very often, so my advice to foreigners is try to blend into the local scenario as much as you can. Wearing baju melayu/kurung is a good idea. :D

Lesson 3: Some taxis just won't take you in
The worst time to catch a cab is during peak hours. During these times, taxi drivers are picky about where they are willing to go.

If you have been turned down by a few taxis, forget about getting one. Instead, take the LRT, commuter or bus or extend your shopping spree until peak hours are over. :)

Lesson 4: Some taxis are nice
If you like the taxi driver, get his/her number, especially useful if you are a regular. Call them when you need to go long distances such as the airport.

Lesson 5: Some taxis car pool
My advice is - get in at your own risk.

Back then, I didn't usually join the taxi pool unless I was desperate. Normally, I'd first see if the passengers looked like decent people. After I finally decided to get into one, I applied lesson no. 7 more rigourously.

Lesson 6: Kereta sewa are NOT the same as budget (red and white) taxis
Kereta sewa charges you higher, especially when you are desperate. They don't usually use meters.

Lesson 7: Finally, safety first
If you have no choice but take a cab late at night, call your parents/spouse/friends while you are GETTING INTO* or IN THE CAB*. Tell them the 3 digit taxi code and the taxi company name (e.g. Supercab, Sunlight, Saujana Taxi etc). The 3 digit taxi code is usually displayed on a windscreen sticker.

If the cab is not attached to any taxi company (i.e. individual taxis**), give details - name of the driver (displayed at front) and the plate number.

Why the 3 digit code? Taxi companies' phone operators do not track their taxi drivers using number plates. Instead they use the 3 digit code. If anything happened to you, God Forbid, it's easier for your parents/spouse/friends to find you because the operators are able to find out the driver details using the 3 digit code.

They can still find you using number plates, only that the process is slower as they can only check with admin during office hours.

*: Just so you can psycho the driver in case he/she was thinking anything funny.

**: Some individual taxis are attached to Supercab, Sunlight etc to get customers. They pay operator services rental every month. Check out for the sticker to be sure.

So there. I hope you'll beat the smarter taxis by being smarter yourselves. :)

K-E: Well, ..That Bloody Malaysian (!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The RAHMAN Prophecy

So, this March, The RAHMAN Prophecy will prove its truth.For Malaysian, some of us know what is this prophecy all about.But for those who don't know , it is a prediction of who is going to be next Prime Minister of Malaysia.It was triggered by the 1st Prime Minister's name ,Tuanku Abdul Rahman and then lead to the mysterious legacy that no one can explained.All the previous Prime Minister's successors had the 1st letter in their name that connected the word R.A.H.M.A.N.

1)Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (1st Prime Minister 1957 - 1971)

2)Tun Abdul Razak (2nd Prime Minister 1971 - 1976)

3)Tun Hussein Onn (3rd Prime Minister 1976 - 1981)

4)Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed (4th Prime Minister 1981 - 2003)

5)Datuk Seri Haji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (5th Prime Minister -Current-2003 - 2009)

6)Dato Seri Najib Abdul Razak (6th Prime Minister -Designate-2009 - )

So, since we know who is in the last letter, can we predict the next PM after Najib?I met some people who said, the prophecy is now completed and 'case is closed'.Yet, some creative people do think that the prophecy is not yet finished its cycle.From the last 'N' , the prophecy will then continue backwards which is A.M.H.A.R.

And other creative people prophecize that a new prophecy will arise : N.A.J.I.B.

I don't know how accurate is the NAMHAR or NAJIB prophecy because it only started (yet!) with the letter 'N' but both have one interesting similarity . Both prophecies have the 2nd letter of 'A'.

So, your guess? who will be in the next letter 'A'?

Anwar Ibrahim ,perhaps? well,who know.Maybe..

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Re-start

I seriously need to re-start this blog.Make something productive over it.

Got a lot of ideas and also EXCUSES..