Tuesday, July 15, 2008

" Bangau Oh Bangau"

I carpool with my officemates to work but KTM Komuter is also part of my mode of transportation. The rendezvous point is at Padang Jawa KTM Station and today,this morning while waiting for the train, a bilingual announcement was on the air which sounds sort of like this:

" Selamat pagi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.Disebabkan masalah teknikal, tren komuter ke Pelabuhan Klang akan mengalami kelewatan. Harap maaf.."

( Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Train to Port Klang will be delayed because of technical problem.Our apology)

Wa lau weh!! the KTM Komuter is late ,again. Not surprised but kinda pissed off like always.

So, this frenzy over KTM lateness always makes me soo gatal (ithcy) to smoke (Yeah, instead of reading) . Since waiting for KTM Komuter can be a stressful and 'heavy' task , i guess it wont hurt to smoke because you can even finish the whole pack if you are waiting for their service . So, i move a bit to the edge and without any much concern , i lit up one fine Marlboro. Just after a poof, i heard someone greeted me with Selamat Pagi at the back. It was one of the station crew ,with KTM's blue uniform.

" Encik, maaf,..Sini tak boleh merokok.Satu stesen tak boleh . Kami dah letak papantanda tu"

(Sorry, Mister,..smoking is not allowed here. Not allowed at this station. We already put the signboard)

and all i can say was," oh..um...ok..sorry bang, sorry.." and nervously butting out the cigarette in the bin. He just smiled and went back to the office or the control centre ( i think) and 45 minutes after that, that famous bilingual announcement was in the air again: ( which is not really exactly sounds like below)

" Selamat Pagi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yang dihormati sekalian. Tren ke Pelabuhan Klang akan tiba sebentar lagi. Para penumpang diminta menjaga keselamatan barangan anda dan berhati-hati dengan penyeluk saku. kami juga minta bekerjasama dari anda untuk tidak merokok di kawasan stesen dan juga di dalam tren. Terima Kasih"

(Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. Train to Pelabuhan Klang will be arriving shortly. Please take care of your belongings and becareful of pickpockets. We also ask for your cooperation for not smoking in the station area and also inside the train.Thank you.)

I am sure the last part of the announcement was meant for me because i rarely (never!) heard the no-smoking announce before this at the station. padan muka aku!!

"..They are soo quick and soo fast to caught me smoking but yet still soo slow in the service!!!" i yelled,but in my head only la..

Anyway , that's not the real issue. I just want to have the excuse for myself smoking in public and point the blame to KTM. If the train can arrive early, i wont smoke at the station. Just like Malaysian politician will do and just like the old malay folk songs " Bangau Oh Bangau" where everyone blame others for own failures.

The real issue here is , how i couldn't see that big 'NO SMOKING' Signboard on the wall as a real warning for not-to-smoke in that station? or maybe i was soo adapted to Malaysian's culture of 'tak kisah' (dont care) even we can see a big signboard said 'No Smoking' or 'No Litter'??

That Bloody Malaysian!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


OK..I got a confession to make. I am a lazy SOB . To restart and reactivate this blog is like having a constipation problem. It took me months just to log in again. I don't know why but somehow, somewhere, i got drifted by my own excuses (lotsa them!)

well, yeah..i got this really bad procastination problem and maybe i need to seek for professional help .Or maybe, it is just another Malaysian thingy: It is " tak apa" to procastinate everything until the last minutes.

So,..if procastination really a Malaysian thingy, should this bother me??

i don't think so.. .
It deserves a celebration actually.